Manufacture and sale of composite materials

Fiberglass rebar area of application

Fittings made of composite materials are a product of new technologies, the technical characteristics of which make it possible to successfully use it as an alternative to traditional steel fittings in construction of:

  • Foundation;
  • Marine and port facilities;
  • Reinforcement of concrete tanks;
  • Repair and strengthening of bearing capacity of brick and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Road slabs, airfield slabs;
  • For the production of small architectural forms;
  • For the road paving and decking of  highway bridges;
  • The implementation of the infrastructure elements in the chemical industries;
  • Repair of damaged brick and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Fittings are used for constructions based on gypsum binders;
  • Construction of swimming pools and industrial pools;

The application of  fiberglass fittings in civil and industrial construction is caused by many variables:

  • Low specific gravity;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Low thermal conductivity of composite materials;
  • High strength, several times the strength of steel fittings;
  •  Is a dielectric;
  • Durability;

As known, the main drawback of traditional low-carbon steel fittings is a low index of corrosion resistance, which limits their use in the construction of marine facilities and constructions located in the zone of variable water level.

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