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Performance comparison of fiberglass rebar to steel fittings

Comparative characteristics of fiberglass rebar with steel fittings

Fiberglass rebar for construction works.

A new reinforced element for construction works is high-strength non-metallic  rebar  made of composite materials.

Nonmetallic rebar  is produced in the form of a rod with spiral relief of any building length from glass fibers impregnated with a chemically resistant polymer.

According to the research results  of durability of building structures using the rebar is at least 80 years.

This durability is due to the high chemical resistance of the rebar  to all known aggressive medium - gas medium of high concentrations, chloride salts, deicing reagents, sea water, etc.

Comparative characteristics of fiberglass rebar with steel rebar.

Сharacteristics Metal rebar of class A-III (A500C) Fiberglass rebar
1. Material steel glass roving bonded by the polymer based on epoxy resin
2. The limit of the tensile strength, MPa 390 1100
3. Elongation, % 14 2.2
4. Density, t / m3 7 1.9
5. Corrosion resistance corrodes stainless material
6. Thermal conductivity thermal conductive not thermal conductive
7. Conductivity conductive dielectric
8. Produced profiles, dia. mm 6-80 4-32
9. Length, m 6-12 upon customer’s request

10. Ecological compatibility

eco-friendly non-toxic, according to the degree of impact on the human body and the environment belongs to the 4th class of danger (low-risk)
11. Durability in accordance with building regulations projected at least 50 years
12. Rebar  replacement for physical and mechanical properties, dia. mm



13. Parameters of the equally-efficient rebar  cage with a load of 25 t/ m3 When using rebar   Ø8 A-III cell size 14х14 cm weight 5.5 kg/m3 When using rebar Ø8mm cell size 23х23см weight 0.61 kg/m3. 9 times reduced weight


Сharacteristics  Metal rebar  of class A-III (A500C) Fiberglass rebar
Ultimate strength at MPa break (usb)

usb = 390; 
брасч= 360

FRP: usb= 1 000; брасч= 900
    FRP: бв = 1 200; брасч = 1 100
Modulus of elasticity, MPa Ер= 200 000 FRP: Ер = 41 000
    FRP: Ер = 55 000
Rebar  habit under load (the dependence of "b and E») Traction pad under load Elastic-linear dependence to destruction
Elongation, E, % 14 2,2
Density, γ, g/cm3 7,8 1,9
Corrosion resistance Corrodes with release of the rust Does not corrode
Thermal conductivity Thermal conductive Not thermal conductive
Conductivity Conductive Not conductive
Heat resistance  

Tested in hot asphalt concrete (~ 2000C) environment and in steaming concrete products (~1000C) No limpness revealed.

Frost resistance  

Tested in a climatic chamber in the freezing and thawing modes to a temperature-550C within 100 cycles. No limpness revealed.


Replacement of steel rebar with fiberglass.


Steel rebar A3 (A500C) Fiberglass rebar
Ø 6 А3 
FCS=28,3 mm2
TSFCTRr =10 200 h
Ø 4 mm
FCS= 10,2 mm2
TSFCTRr = 10 200h
Ø 8 А3 
FCS =50,3 mm2
TSFCTRr= 18 100h
Ø 6 мм
FCS =18,2 mm2
TSFCTRr = 18 100h
Ø 10 А3
FCS= 78,5 mm2
TSFCTRr = 28 300 h
Ø 7 мм 
FCS =28,3 mm2
TSFCTRr = 28 300h
Ø 12 А3
FCS = 113,1 mm2
TSFCTRr =40 720h
Ø 8 мм
FCS = 40,7 mm2
TSFCTRr = 40 720h
Ø 14 А3 
FCS=154 mm2
TSFCTRr = 55 450h
Ø 10 мм 
FCS=55,5 mm2
TSFCTRr=55 450h
Ø 16 А3
FCS= 201 mm2
TSFCTRr= 72 360h
Ø 11 мм
FCS=72,4 mm2
TSFCTRr = 72 360h
Ø 18 А3
FCS = 254 mm2
TSFCTRr = 91 450h
Ø 12 мм
TSFCTRr =91 450h

Ø 20 А3 
Fсеч = 314 мм2;
Ррасч= 113 040 н

Ø 13 мм 
FCS= 113 mm2
TSFCTRr = 113 040h
Ø 20 А3 
FCS =314 mm2
TSFCTRr= 113 040h
Ø 14 мм 
FCS = 137 mm2
TSFCTRr = 136 800h

FCS - rebar  cross-section, mm2

TSFCTRr - tensile strength of rebar at the calculated time resistance to rupture, H.


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